Water Treatment

ASMP explanation for water treatment

Aqua sonic technology works by sending out a sound wave at a programmed specific frequency. When this  wave comes in contact with the algae cell, it is set up to literally fracture or shatter the membrane of the algae cell. The best way to describe this action is to look at the long standing example of an operatic singer, hitting that perfect high note, and watching the pristine crystal glass around her, shattering in a heap of shimmering fragments.

Sonic waves works in the same fashion and in doing this it has become highly effective at dealing w ith green water issues, otherwise known as plank-tonic algae. What’s interesting is that it can also prohibit the growth of other types of algae as well. Even string algae and floating pond scum, and bio film can be measurably effected by ultrasound in fresh and salt water.

Along with this wonderful, wide ranging ability, ultrasound also stimulates any existing beneficial bacteria that is in the pond and by increasing the vitality of this element of the pond, it thereby helps in the cleansing and balancing of the pond as well.

Asm sonic technology has proven to be very safe for fish and wildlife. In tests, fish find the underwater emitter or “transducer” to be of interest, but there is no reaction of fear or discomfort in it’s presence.

The  Asm sonic technology is very simple when compared to aeration systems and other pond care tools. One simply plugs in the power cord, secures the control panel and install the transducer into the water, pointing it towards the centre of the pond. Immediately the sonic wave is sent throughout the pond and begins the treatment.

So how fast can this treatment bring algae under control? Generally this depends on what type of algae you’re dealing with but in terms of very low density algae like green water, the treatment can clear the water up within a matter of days. For thicker, more dense, algae like string algae, it may take a lot longer to work it’s way through the growth,but rest assured, over time, the algae will be reduced and ultimately eliminated.

Asm sonic technology works best when it has a clear field throughout the pond body and when the sonic wave hits a developing algae cell, in most cases it will rupture pretty quickly. Oddly shaped ponds or those that are acres in size, may best be treated with several ultrasonic units pointed in various directions.

Ultrasound does not add oxygen to the water and therefore in very deep ponds, it may still be advantageous to use submerged aeration to add oxygen and circulation to a pond. However ultrasound and aeration do work well together.

And speaking of lagoon depth. Very shallow, large lagoons, ponds have traditionally been very hard to treat for pond algae problems. Aeration often doesn’t work as well, and sun exposure can lead to more algae growth pretty quickly. ASMP  however doesn’t need a great deal of depth to work effectively against algae and in fact the sonic wave can work in just a few inches of water and still remain effective.