UV-US-Ozone water technology

ASM-R series UV-treatment is probably the most cost-effective and most efficient water purification technology on the market today.  UV treatment of water for disinfection is commonly used by the likes of local councils, the medical, food, dairy, fish-prawn farming and brewing industries and by thousands of private consumers every day to remove a range of biological contaminants from their water supply.



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ASM-R treatment system is a proven method which destroys up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses without leaving residual chemicals and is an excellent choice for eliminating biological contamination of most water supplies.

Most importantly, UV-treatment introduces no chemicals into the water, it produces no by-products and it does not change the properties of water. Consequently, in addition to producing safe drinking water, it is not harmful to plumbing and hot water systems.

This is most important – providing there is no existing chemical contamination, UV-treated water is safe to drink; UV treatment does not add chemicals or change the chemical composition of the water, it deals solely with biological agents. For dealing with particulates, it  should be used in conjunction with properly sized and  installed 3-stage filters connected into the water source.

The concentrated dose of ultraviolet radiation provided by UV-treatment can very effectively destroy and sterilize bacteria and other microorganisms, while filters installed into the water supply line will remove sediments and particulate matter.

The need for ultraviolet water sterilization products can be found in virtually all areas of residential, industrial and commercial application. Its basic, simple design, simple installation and low operating costs make UV disinfection the number one choice for water purification in contaminated water situations.

ASM-R System should be implemented to assisted the removal of biological contaminants such as E.coli, coliform, hepatitis, influenza, cholera, tuberculosis, legionella, salmonella, anthrax, cryptosporidium, giardia and many more.

The Combination of an UV-Ultrasonic(Ozone optional) self cleaning medium system results in a very reliable process that is also easy to manage for various water supply characteristics is capable of treating water supplies at volumes  from 2 up to 500m3     

Commercial high volume systems
ASM-R series reactors is a turn-key reactor system that is capable of treating water supplies at volumes 10 to 500m³.p/h The system combines the main, well proven water purification technologies together in one system: UV, Ozone/oxygen injection  and Ultrasonic. No other water treatment system available on the market today combines all three of these distinct treatment technologies together in one turn-key system.  MORE

ASM-R Series brochure

ASM-R40   Turn -Key self cleaning reactor 2017

UV kil rates


  • WWTP & pharmaceutical production
  • Dairy-Meat and food production
  • Medical centers and dentist’s premises
  • Food preparation areas, domestic and commercial kitchens
  • Water, parks and Lakes
  • Hospitals & Hotels
  • Pharmaceutical industries
  • Swimming Pools
  • Mining industries and site
  • Cruise ships water plants
  • Buildings evaporation Cooling system
  • Aqua culture

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