WWTP – Lagoons

Environmental Industrial Water & Algae Control in lagoons and ponds.

This is another important installation where we proved excellent results with  ASMP systems.

These ponds are characterised by large open lagoons with a fairly high residence time of water and UV exposure in the summer months.
During the holding period in the open reservoirs, filamentous algae start growing along with other bacteria and fungi can create in most cases strong foul odors .Very often these ponds use aerators, nurture fish culture which consumes some of the algae produced.However, only having fish and aerators in the ponds is most of the time not adequate to control the microorganisms and algae.

To improve the water clarity so to prevent the development filamentous algae on the lagoon surface and to control the unwanted smell etc., ASMP fish and aeration facilities are combined to achieve the best environmentally results.

ASMP series provide a multifaceted approach to algae control in water treatment while maintaining an ecologically friendly approach. In addition, installations have shown that elements such as total suspended  solids,filamentous algae, nitrates, phosphates and chloride/chemical use will be reduced.

Ultrasound is a well established technology but only recently has it use been applied to controlling algal blooms.Ultrasound works by a phenomenon known as acoustic cavitation which occurs when sound waves travels through a liquid medium.

Ultrasound causes damage to cell walls and membranes when these micro bubbles collapse within the vicinity of the cells. This type of damage applies to bacterial and algal cells. Bacterial cells have been successfully removed by up to 100% using ultrasound. Implementation of ultrasound technology to remove bacterial cells from plant-scale waste water systems has already been accomplished.

The most efficient system for bacterial cell removal uses high frequency to break up cell aggregates and then low frequency to kill the cells and pulverised this over a period of time.



The Benefits

  1. ASMP equipment can be locally programmed to suit different process applications needs.
  2. From our previous experience we could safely assume a reduction of chlorine consumption by about 30-50% at the final chlorinate doseage treatment stage.
  3. Using ASMP in treatment stages with UV & aeration, gloiride treatment will achieve a much better result before releasing water in to lakes or river.
  4. Environmentally friendly as there are no pollutants associated with this method of removing algae and filamentous weeds
  5. Strong reduction in algae concentration.
  6. Reduction of bio film formation.
  7. Reduction of free bacterial counts.
  8. Ultrasound make it more efficient and speeds up the utilization of nutrients, accelerating the degradation of organic waste and the consumption of nitrate and  phosphates

ASM ultrasonic based oxidation offers the possibility for dramatic efficiency gains in the process of treating waste water, reducing the chemicals needs of the process whilst simultaneously increasing the performance of all traditional and current procedures.

Proven site report shows a excellent reduction/removal of  Microcystis and  filamentous algae      Information Brochure


ASMP Series at work
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