UV Pools & Spa’s

ASMU-V series reduce the chemicals required to sanitize your pool or spa by up to 90%. Take control of pool chemical costs.It’s fully compatible with all pool &spa pumps, filters, and salt water pools.

ASMU-V sterilizer is easier and more reliable than ever.UV sterilizer disinfection system is critically important in assuring the safety and health of swimming pool users.  Ultrasonic in line reactor that has the necessary characteristics to be implemented in recreational pool and spa applications, a generator that effectively irradiates and kills all algae, bacteria, virus and micro-organisms present in the water.

The highly concentrated electromagnetic energy destroys organic matter and eliminates the formation of dangerous chlorine by-products called chloramines that commonly lead to red, stinging eyes, skin irritations, asthma and allergies. This energy penetrates the cell walls of bacteria, viruses, algae, cysts and all pathogens.

ASM-UV in line reactor environmental pool treatment of the future The disinfection of water by exposition to UV rays is a healthy and green solution which provides clean and brilliant water without the use of toxic chemicals. It is in fact used to provide potable water in most municipalities around the world.


  1. Reduce chlorine up to 90%
  2. Odourless, clear water elimination bleaching of hair, clothes, eye, sinus & skin irritation.
  3. Inactive bacteria, pathogen, virus in the swimming pools by removing and killing micro-organism.
  4. ASMU-v series can be retro fitted in spa or above ground pool applications.
  5. Cost effective and low operating cost and savings in consumables.
  6. Simple retro installation to exciting and new pools
  7. UV pool systems destroy over 99.5% of pathogens that may enter your pool.

How do ASM-V ultraviolet pool sanitizers Work

ASMU is easily installed in-line just after your pools existing filtration system. UV Light bombards the passing water flow with a high intensity germicidal ultraviolet ray that destroys over 60 water-borne pathogens, including algae, bacteria, cysts, and viruses. The UV sanitizing lamps is housed in an industrial graphite housing optimized for high flow rates. A highly specialized quartz glass sleeves protects the lamp from passing water while transmitting 99.9% of the UV light.

All living organisms contain DNA (or RNA for viruses) which are the “blue prints” those organisms use to re-produce. Micro organisms can be destroyed without chemical additives.  Information brochure


Commercial & Domestic Swimming pools ”Making water safer through the use of smart technology”

ASMU-DM   UV-Ultrasonic self cleaning stainless steel reactor system results in a very reliable process that is also easy to manage for various water supply characteristics including TOC is capable of treating water supplies at volumes up to 35m3  More info


ASMR series water treatment chambers or ‘reactors’ are the next generation technology for the in line disinfection of water for applications such as horticulture, recreational swimming pools, water parks, evaporating cooling towers and other  industries.


ASMR  series are a turn-key reactor systems that is capable of treating water supplies at volumes up to 500m³. The system combines the main, well proven water purification/TOC technologies together in one system: UV, Ozone and Ultrasonic. No other water treatment system available on the market today combines all three of these distinct treatment technologies together in one unit

ASMR treatment systems destroy bacteria, algae, spores and viruses without leaving  residual chemicals and are an excellent choice for  eliminating biological contamination of most water supplies. More Info

We can advise you as to which size reactor to use based on your pool or spa pump volume.