Off shore structures

ASMP sonic wave technology helps prevent the fouling of offshore structures in a cost effective and environmentally friendly way.

Fouling by marine organisms is a major problem for all structures installed in a marine environment. The settlement and build-up of fouling species has a number of undesirable effects; it increases weight , drag and hydro-dynamic loadings with some-times catastrophic results, it can damage coatings and mask problems such as cracks, corrosion and damage, it can facilitate/accelerate corrosion and it can be aesthetically displeasing.

The removal of marine fouling from the submerged parts of underwater structures can be a significant part of the mainte-nance budget for offshore operators. Furthermore, the weight and loadings that result from fouling can be so significant as to necessitate considerable ‘over-design’ of such structures compared to what would otherwise be required.

The control of marine fouling on offshore structures typically involves the manual removal of the fouling by divers and/or remotely operated vehicles using such tools as HP water blasters and manual or mechanised scrapers. This is typically costly, very time-consuming and often dangerous work that can be virtually never-ending.

ASM has devoted considerable effort and research to this particular challenge to find a more cost-effective and permanent preventative solution. Recent technological advances have been successfully applied.



Introducing the ASMP-1200 ultrasonic anti-fouling system

The ASMP-1200 system works by transmitting inaudible directed pulses of ultrasound at precise levels for set durations into the water. These ultrasonic waves create microscopic bubbles that implode (cavitation) producing an intense cleaning effect on any surface they affect.


Benefits over traditional methods:
  • The substrate/environment is made unsuitable for the larval,juveniles,veligers  of the fouling species which are killed or repelled—thereby preventing the establishment of fouling on newly installed or cleaned structures.
  • Existing fouling is killed. Soft species such as algae are broken down as their cells shatter. Hard species such as barnacles and molluscs are killed, but not removed .
  • No need to use harmful copper or other toxic anti fouling coatings.
  • Greatly reduces or completely negates the need for physical, mechanical cleaning using water blasting or similar by divers.
  • Offers a permanent, continuous and environmentally friendly means to control marine fouling year-round.
  • Is equally effective in hard to access areas such as water intakes, risers, clamps underwater structures.
  • Is SAFE. Once installed the system should require no diver or ROV interventions and is harmless to fish and marine mammals.
  • Is very cost effective—offering an attractive ROI over a relatively short time.




On site testing during 2009/2013  proved that ASMP series systems are able to reduce/prevent veligers and juvenile barnacles from settling on the pre-cleaned underwater structures.

Zebra grateseawaterpunpingPipes

Ultrasonic vibrational energy was effective in killing zebra mussel veligers, juveniles and barnacles. Frequencies at up to the 140 kHz range have been used to cause veligers to detach and sink; longer exposure with ultrasound waves in the mid range have fragmented and killed veligers in a few seconds and killed adults in 1-2 weeks with ASMP 1200 series

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