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ASMP Successful destroys Barnacles & Algae

ASMP-100 were installed at three project since 2010 with in the Sars corporation in Holland. It shows clearly during 18 month trail that the affected aria exposed to sonic treatment is working 100% to keep boat clean of any growth.in winter and summer at temperatures  -15c to 31c.

ASMP-200 Sucessfull waste water treatment in Iran

ASMP is used at several refinery lagoons after some setbacks due to the harsh condition and remote location we were successful to improve qualitative characteristics of water entering to refinery.     Dam project We currently investigation to customized ASMP-1200 to treat and destroy green algae as this is coursing shut down the dam opera...

Successful operation off ASMP in swimming pool

Mr Milton White, I live at Chillingham Village in North Eastern part of N.S.W. Australia (on the banks of the Rous River). I have an indoor swimming pool, about 25 meters by 6 meters and about 1.3 meters deep, it holds 200,000 litres of water. The pool is about 1 meter above ground, is lined with a canvacon white vinyl material. I heat the pool wat...

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