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ASMP Successful operating at Commercial Barramundi fish farm

One site test over many months proved that  ASMP-400  ultrasound does kill/destroy the blue-green algae in barramundi aquaculture pond. Reduction of 92% of the geosmin levels. The results indicate the Microcystis is reduced greatly. No adverse effect whatsoever on fish behaviour health. Water looks fresh and has no odour.  

Fish Aquaculture Malaysia

We installed  ASMP to reduce and remove algae from our nets, Ergasilus Parasite that is effecting the juvenile fish stock at night in our floating fish pens.It shows clearly that the affected aria exposed to ultrasonic treatment is working 100% to keep net clean of any growth with in the affecter aria and saw effective resuld on the Ergasi...

ASMP-1 series to combat Barnacles & Zebra mussels

Zebra Mussels on site testing during 2011/2013  prove that ASMP-1 series is able to reduce/prevent veligers and juvenile zebra mussels, barinicals to settle on the pre cleaned underwater structures. Ultrasonic vibrational energy was effective in killing zebra mussel veligers, juveniles and barinicals at just below 200 Hz and and up to 200 kHz...

Qld Goverment Research Centre

 Project 1.  Bribie Island Research Centre, Agri-Science Queensland, Goverment  Successful control of Filamentous green algae control A thriving benthic algae bloom was established in an outdoor concrete culture tank over a 2 month period by continuously flowing raw, unfiltered seawater through it.

Washing Fresh Produce combined with UV-ultrasonic wave technology

Simply washing fresh fruits and vegetables after harvesting may only be marginally effective at removing microbial contaminants,ASM are using new Ultrasonic-ultraviolet applications and techniques for better processing produce. Currently, commercial operations rely on a wash treatment with antimicrobials as the only step to reduce microbial popula...

ASM Berth systems

ASM successfully proven application off ASMP-Berth systems to remove fouling and Algae that grow in marinas waterways and on submerged vessels hulls, pontoons, moorings,water pumps intakes and any underwater structures at the same time it will keep the water clear and  free off algae blooms. More info    

Morwell wastewater succesfull operation of ASMP-1000.1

Gippsland Water has been using different ultrasonic system during the last couple of years in there No 2 lagoon at Morwell WWTP with out having any satisfied result. The 19,000 Sq. M lagoon hold around 57,000 M3 of water with irregular input flow from clarifier. After some consultation with Gippsland Water we recommended to install a customi...

ASMP-series Successfully removing algae in fish breading pond

China Partners Fish Export used for many years chemical and minerals products to control green algae in his ponds.We advised him to stop all treatments and install a few ASMP-1000 in to one of his ponds as video shows the results are shown in the video below. CPFE Fish Export is in the process to install all his fish breading ponds with the ASMP ...

ASMP-200 Operating in 200,000 litre Cooling tower

We have recently examined a large cooling tower sump at large commercial shopping center with a capacity of about 2000 M3 ( 30 M. * 7 M. ). The water is added and drawn from this sump at 15,000 M3 per Hour, i.e.. The residence time of water in this sump is only about 10 Min.To maintain the quality of the circulating water, about 10 to 15 Kg of chlo...

Fish Net Cleaning in progress in Port Lincon

The ASMP-1000 series are specifically developed for this and uses the latest in sonic sonic wave technology. Over a long time of testing has prove that we use the optimum sonic wave settings to control filamentous algae without affecting fish. More info

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