ASM-R Highly Effective water treatment Advanced Technology Reactor Process.

ASM products for pre-treatment with UV-Ultrasonic Ozone combined treatment for water disinfection treating direct contact fluids and ingredients.

Ultraviolet, ultrasonic and ozone technology is successfully used in these industries for disinfection removing pathogen micro-organisms.The common application for this is disinfection, but the technology is also used for TOC reduction, ozone destruction and chlorine/chloramines destruction.

ASM products are designed and built to meet the stringent needs of the Food and Beverage industry. All our products have Ra-15 contact finish which gives them stain and bacteria resistant surfaces.These standard features are often necessary, and are offered as options by our competitors. In addition, our products are compact and energy efficient.

Water purification, horticulture (lettuce) facility, Bahamas (ASM-R):
Horticulture in the Bahamas has typically been badly affected by poor water quality.

Early in 2016 an ASM-R40 water purification reactor and two ASM-P algae control systems were
installed at a lettuce production facility, with immediate improvements ASM-R40 in Bahamas horticulture
Lettuce glasshouse in Bahamas.

ASM-R40 at work

ASMR-reactor is a turn-key reactor system that is capable of treating water supplies at volumes up to 500 m3/h. more detail