ASMP  eliminates marine filamentous algae growth build up on aquaculture nets to control algae and growth in any fish holding pens/dams and in aqua culture using natural sonic waves.

Biofouling control, aquaculture nets in Malaysia (ASM-P):
ASM systems have proved very effective at combating biofouling on the aquaculture nets,dramatically improving water circulation through the nets while simultaneously reducing the net cleaning costs and increasing net service life.
The recently released report in relation to the evaluation trial of ASM-P systems in a mariculture facility in Malaysian has shown significant benefits in the use of ASM ultrasonic systems over traditional methods.

Fish fry survival rates have increased significantly with the use of ultrasonic systems in the fish pens at the facility.

Furthermore, other operational changes made possible through the use of ultrasound, for example the reduced need for
chemical baths for the fish stock, have resulted in other production improvements.
Importantly, not only were fry survival rates improved significantly, the introduction of ultrasonic systems in the pens resulted in a significant increase in the average size of the fry.


Overall, this equated to a 302% increase in profitability just in relation to the yield.
Another benefit of the use of ultrasonic systems was the reduction in biofouling of the nets.

This meant the nets no longer needed to be removed from the water every 4-6 weeks for manual
cleaning utilising high-pressure water blasters. More info

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