ASMP-100 were installed at three project since 2010 with in the Sars corporation in Holland.

It shows clearly during 18 month trail that the affected aria exposed to sonic treatment is working 100% to keep boat clean of any growth.in winter and summer at temperatures  -15c to 31c.


Location are at 3 test site around the coastline of Holland

Object is to prevent filamentous algae grows on the rescue vessel hull and to prevent  jet engine damage witch results in loosing top speed and manoeuvrability as there is no possibility to install devices on board due to the high speed and vibrations.


ASMP-100  transducers are installed suspended from pontoon underwater and are operated non stop temperature varies from -10 to 31c depending on seasons It shows clearly during the trail that the affected aria exposed to sonic treatment is to keep boat clean of any growth.More info