19-8-2010 Charter Link  NZ  just completed the lift and wash of the test boat and its comparison boat.

I wasn’t expecting much of a difference between them. You may recall that several months ago we took both boats out and did energetic maneuvers with them to dislodge any growth – both came back in with green slime still evident and the beginnings of harder life-forms. So I am baffled to find that our boat with the ASM-20  fitted now had only ligh sludge wash off!, but the hull was home to no slime – there was only some weed hanging off the log impeller only.

TN (5) TN (9) ASM20-3

That comes very close to passing the test I had set for ASM-20 . I am now very curious to see how much the anti foul life is extended (the washing required to be very light and left the paint largely unscathed) so I will continue to keep in touch.

Rob Texton www.charterlink.co.nz