37-RivieraMy wife and I own a 37 foot Riviera Fly bridge cruiser that we moor at Marina St. Vincent in South Australia.As our closest slipway is 70 kilometres away we researched alternate means of anti fouling our vessel. On the Internet I discovered electric anti fouling had been available in the USA, UK and Europe for quite some years. I eventually tracked down an owner of the British version in SA and they reassured me that they worked well on the hull but less so on extremities like, leading edges of keels on yachts, rudders and parts it was difficult for the ultrasonic to get too.

We then investigated the units that were on sale in Australia and decided on the ASM -40 unit in 2012 as it was the only sonic unit with a sales and after service team in the world and here in Australia. We wanted a one stop shop with supply and installation vested in the same company. The ASM distributor provided this where the others didn’t  We did not want a dispute between the supplier and installer should the unit fail to operate satisfactorily.

We now have had the unit installed for months and apart from a service call to resite the forward transducer further towards the bow we are pleased with the result.
For a vessel that had not been anti fouled for 18 months prior to installation the hull has remained remarkably clean.

Algae does form on the hull but rubs of with ease by brushing or water movement on trips out to sea,. As with the others I had spoken to some growth is evident on rudders and trim tabs.
Would I install the unit again with hind site? The answer is yes.

George Adler
Wirrina Cove. 17-8-2010  More info