Marina’s Berths

ASMP Systems successfully reduce fouling and Algae that grow in marinas waterways and on submerged vessels, pontoons, moorings,water pumps intakes and any underwater structures.

ASMP Berth provide a multifaceted approach to assist control algae in water treatment while maintaining an ecologically friendly approach..

Sonic waves work in the same fashion and in doing this it has become highly effective at dealing with water issues, otherwise known as plank tonic algae. What’s interesting is that it can also prohibit the growth of other types of algae as well. Even string algae and floating pond scum, and bio film can be measurably effected by ultrasound in fresh and salt water.

Along with this wonderful, wide ranging ability, ultrasound also stimulates any existing beneficial bacteria that is in the marina and by increasing the vitality of this element , it thereby helps in the cleansing and balancing of the pen as well.

ASM sonic technology has proven to be very safe for fish and wildlife. In tests, fish find the underwater emitter or “transducer” to be of interest, but there is no reaction of fear or discomfort in its presence.


  1. Reduce all those underwater structures that are critical to the performance of your pumps and water.
  2. It will pay for itself in a matter of time if you consider the cost of removing fouling from vessels, tanks pontoons sea walls and structures.
  3. Environmentally friendly as there are no pollutants associated with this method of removing algae and anti-fouling.
  4. Also completely harmless to humans, marine life and animals.
  5. Simple retro Installation to excising fish cages the need of reliable power supply is a must.
  6. Keeping your hulls,lakes and marina waters clean of filamentous algae, barnacles and common green algae.
  7. Reduction or eliminations of algae and other fouling organisms. Soft species such as algae are broken down as their cells shatter. Hard species such as barnacles and molluscs are killed, but not removed.
  8. Even string algae and floating pond scum and bio film will be effected by ultrasound waves in fresh and salt water.


  • ASMP-800 System   4 x stainless steel transducers suitable for vessels up to  30 metre
  • ASMP-1200 System 6 x stainless steel transducers suitable for vessels up to  50 metre


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It is fundamental for a successful installation and operation of an ASMP ultrasonic sonic system for the under water targeted area and the location of this project will determine which of our manufactured product you need.

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