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 ASM sonic wave proven technology reduce filamentous algae and nitrate in water in a environmentally way!

ASMP series will help you take back control of your water without harsh chemicals or toxins so readily available and promoted with disregard of their long term effects.

Greatly remove filamentous algae and common green algae die off in lakes and dams.However, excessive growth of will reduce the aesthetic and recreational value of a water body, trap litter and sediment; reduce the holding-volume capacity of a dam and cause smells and scum when decaying.


ASMP sonic wave technology kills algae, most bacteria and other uni-cellular organisms and significantly reduces nitrates in the water in a cost effective and environmentally friendly way.

Sonic waves works in the same fashion and in doing this it has become highly effective at dealing with water issues, otherwise known as plank-tonic algae.

What’s interesting is that it can also prohibit the growth of other types of algae as well. Even string algae and floating pond scum, and bio film can be measurably effected by ultrasound in fresh and salt water.

Along with this wonderful, wide ranging ability, ultrasound also stimulates any existing beneficial diatoms that is in the pond and by increasing the vitality of this element of the pond lagoons, it thereby helps in the cleansing and balancing of the pond as well

In addition, installations have shown that elements such as total suspended solids, nitrates, phosphates and E. coli will be reduced. Certain blue-green algal blooms are toxic and cause a rash known as swimmers itch, while powerful neuromuscular toxins released by other cyanobacterial can kill fish living in the water or the animals that drink the water.

These small rootless plants not only turn the water green, they have a disastrous effect on animals, humans and the environment causing vegetative decay and odour.

The Benefits
  1. Greatly removes filamentous algae, bacteria, smell and common green algae and, pontoons and pylons.
  2. No need to use harmful chemicals treatment to achieve odourless clear water
  3. Ultrasonic bio-acoustic waves cause bio-film and nutrients to implode and release healthy high energy free radicals that consume bio-film, algae, nitrates and bio-contaminates.
  4. Environmentally friendly as there are no pollutants associated with this method.
  5. It is also completely harmless to humans, marine life and animals.
  6. Simple Installation to excising lakes and ponds the need of reliable power supply is a must

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ASMP Series


Application of ASMP series at O.W.C in Orlando Florida US

The use of ultrasonic irradiation to control cyanobacterial blooms in fresh water lake were needed as the lake was effected with high density off algae bloom affecting the commercial operation off the water boarding complex.

Six units of the Ultrasonic Irradiation System (ASMP-1000)were installed in the 600 m long x 200 m wide lake holding around 929,000 cubic meters of fresh water at Orlando water boarding complex.

By installing the ultrasonic process within the lake,cyanobacterial blooms, bacteria and odour were controlled effectively the water and sediment quality improved dramatic!.

OrlandosliderparkOWC10OWC Clean1jpgOWC green lake1

In addition, a significant improvement in the conditions of the lake in terms of chlorophyll-a, COD and T-P was achieved by keeping the lake clean all year around.

Moreover, the ultrasonic irradiation and bacterial assisted control of cyanobacterial blooms was also proven.

The destruction of gas vacuoles brought about by ultrasonic irradiation promoted close contact between cyanobacteria and their lysing Myxobacter leading to immediate and accelerated destruction of the cells.

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Which system do I need? It is fundamental for a successful installation and operation of an ASMP ultrasonic sonic system for the under water targeted area. Depending upon the flow, volume and the location of this project will determine which of our manufactured product you need.