Fish cages and net cleaning

ASMP series provide a multifaceted approach to control algae, parasites, sea-lice and barnacles  while maintaining an ecologically friendly approach.

Fish net cleaning and control of parasites is one of the biggest costs in marine aquaculture management is weed growth on fish cages and the labour and plant costs devoted to cleaning nets is significant. Considerable effort and research has been devoted by ASM over the last 5 years to this particular challenge and recent technological advances have been applied.


Diseases are easily spread among farmed fish due to the high concentration of fish in each net-pen and the restriction off flow true sea water due to weed and algae build.


ASMP series system eliminates marine filamentous algae growth build up on aquaculture nets to control algae and growth in any fish holding pens/dams and in aqua culture using natural sonic waves.

Over a long time  of testing has prove that we use the optimum sonic wave settings to control filamentous algae without affecting fish  The strength and frequency of bio-acoustic wave is completely safe for humans,marine live and plants.


Until now the traditional method was chemical treatment or divers physical cleaning the nets and underwater structures

Fishnet before2013jpg Man cleaning net1Cage net

Proven field trails



The ASMP series are specifically develop for this and uses the latest in sonic wave technology.


  • ASMP-800   System suitable for up to   10-20 diameters nets or pens.
  • ASMP-1000 System suitable for up to   20-30 diameters nets or pens.
  • ASMP-1200 System suitable for up to   20-40 diameters nets or pens.



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The Benefits

  1. Greatly removes filamentous algae and common green algae on nets, pontoons,moorings and pylons.
  2. No need to use harmful copper treatment for nets or mechanical cleaning
  3. Fish disease, parasites and fungus development is limited in a clean environment,nets,walls will greatly reduced fish thrive and life is vibrant in a clean environment
  4. Prevent juvenile parasites and sea-lice in to the exposed ultrasonic wave aria
  5. Higher yield and and improved fish grading improving R.O.I
  6. Environmentally friendly as there are no pollutants associated with this method of removing algae, barnacles and filamentous weeds.
  7. It is also completely harmless to humans, marine life and animals.
  8. Simple retro Installation to existing fish cages and the need of reliable power supply is a must.
  9. Ultrasonic new technology will effect parasites and sea lice infestation will be greatly reduced


It is fundamental for a successful installation and operation of an ASMP ultrasonic sonic system for the under water targeted area. Depending upon the flow, volume, size and the location of this project will determine which of our manufactured product you need.

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