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ASMP sonic wave technology kills algae, most bacteria and other uni-cellular organisms and significantly reduces nitrates in the water in a cost effective and environmentally friendly way.

Fish consumption is rapidly increasing with the growing awareness of its health benefits.Due to overfishing, over 70% of the world’s fish are either fully exploited or depleted. As a result, fish farming, or aquaculture, has quickly stepped up to meet the demands of fish consumption.

The presence of any algae or other fouling species and parasites in fish-farms ponds or pens is a major problem for aquaculture farmers. Such infestations can lead to fish disease and consequent financial loss. As a result, some fish-farmers are forced to apply toxic chemicals and pesticides to combat these problems.

Introducing the ASMP series of ultrasonic anti-fouling, algae and parasite control systems…

ASMP systems work by transmitting inaudible directed pulses of ultrasound at precise levels for set durations into the water. These ultrasonic waves create microscopic bubbles that implode (cavitation) producing an intense cleaning effect on any surface they affect. The results are:

  1. Reduction or eliminations of algae and other fouling organisms. Soft species such as algae are broken down as their cells shatter. Hard species such as barnacles and molluscs are killed, but not removed. Even string algae and floating pond scum and bio film can be measurably effected by ultrasound in fresh and salt water.
  2. Reduction or elimination of cyanobacteria including those such as Microcystis aeruginosa responsible for algal blooms, along with the associated reduction or elimination of geosmin.
  3. The substrate/environment is made unsuitable for the larval form of the fouling species which are killed or repelled.
  4. The ultrasound stimulates any existing beneficial bacteria that is in the pond and by increasing the vitality of this element of the pond lagoons, it thereby helps in the cleansing and balancing of the water.



  • Greatly removes filamentous algae and common green algae on nets, pontoons and airade wheels.
  • No need to use harmful chemicals or mechanical cleaning
  • Fish disease, parasites and fungus development is limited in a clean environment nets will greatly reduced fish thrive and life is vibrant in a clean environment
  • Prevent juvenile parasites and sea-lice in to the exposed ultrasonic wave aria
  • Higher yield and improved fish grading improving ROI
  • Environmentally friendly as there are no pollutants associated with this method
  • It is also completely harmless to humans, marine life and animals.
  • Simple retro Installation to excising fish cages the need of reliable power supply is a must.
ASM offers a range of ASMP systems designed to suit various pond sizes. Some examples are listed below;

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ASMP in use at barramundi farm near Innisfail.


The reduction of the geosmin levels in the barramundi production pond water. Geosmin and a similar compound, 2-MIB, are well known flavour compounds that cause muddy flavour in fish and shellfish around the world, particularly in fresh water systems – both natural and aquaculture. The compounds are produced by algae and certain microbes, are not toxic to fish or humans, but impart unpleasant flavours to fish flesh even at extremely low concentrations. To make matters worse, fish actually accumulate it in the flesh rapidly and then get rid of it only very slowly when the source is taken away.


  • Reduction of the geosmin levels
  • The results indicate that there is virtually no Microcystis left
  • No adverse effect whatsoever on fish behaviour
  • Water looks fresh and has no odour.



ASMP Series

Which system do I need?

It is fundamental for a successful installation and operation of an ASMP ultrasonic sonic system for the under water targeted area. Depending upon the flow, volume, sise and the location of this project will determine which of our manufactured product you need.

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