Cooling Towers & Water storage tanks

ASM sonic wave proven technology to control algae, fouling, legionnaire and reducing smell in a environmentally way!

Contaminated Cooling Towers and day storage tanks have been responsible for major outbreaks of severe gastric illnesses such as legionnaire and others caused by the Cryptosporidium organisms!

Disinfection is essential for the maintenance of an efficient cooling water system. Pathogens must be removed from industrial process waters to prevent spreading of pathogenic organisms and associated health problems.

In addition, the presence of microorganisms in cooling water systems can lead to bacterially-induced corrosion of the infrastructure and inefficient heat transfer due to coating of surfaces with heavy microbial growth (biofilm). It is currently a standard practice to use chemical biocides as means of limiting microbial growth.

The most popular of these chemical agents is free chlorine, which is utilized as a primary disinfectant in the United States as well as throughout the world.The exclusive use of chemical disinfectants for water treatment has fallen out of favor in recent years for several reasons.

Chemical disinfectants must be replenished regularly. Many biocidal agents are highly toxic and may cause serious health problems to those handling them.

ASM-R The combination of an UV-Ultrasonic-Ozone system results in a very reliable process that is also easy to manage and is adjustable for various water supply characteristics. The removal efficiency of the combined processes is typically better than the removal efficiencies of Ultrasonic, UV and Ozone alone. Organic oxidation (reduction) occurs from reactions with ultrasonic cavitation, hydroxyl radicals, molecular ozone and/or by direct UV exposure. The process, as it applies is a function of time and the intensity of Ultrasonic and UV combined with Ozone to which the water/fluid is exposed

The ASMP-series will  provide a multifaceted approach to algae control in water treatment while maintaining an ecologically friendly approach.In addition, installations in sump/tanks have shown that elements such as algae, nitrates, legionnaire, phosphates, chlorine and E.coli can be reduced or removed.


        The solution for your evaporative cooling systems, reduce, maintenance, and chemicals 

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The Benefits

  1. Bio film reductions in these systems by ultrasonic treatment lowers the probability of Leonelle finding a suitable host, thus reducing their numbers with the removal of slime and algae.
  2. Air conditioning cooling tower sumps are easily treated by ASMP ASM-R series.
  3. Larger more complex towers will require multiple units this is calculated on flow and exposure time.
  4. This would improve to comply with  Workplace Health and Safety-legislation, especially with respect to Legionella disease.
  5. The ASMP Series will give you a guarantee return of investment within matter of time and save on chemicals and maintenance cost.  
  6. ASMP combined with ASM-R systems will be complete package to keep water quality at safe clean level 24/7
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ASM-R- in line recycle series capable of treating water supplies at volumes from 2 to 500 m³ H.

ASM- R series up to 500 m3  Per/Hour

ASM-R40   Turn -Key self cleaning reactor


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