WWTP – Clarifiers

ASM sonic wave technology offers the possibility for efficiency gains in the process of treating waste water, reducing the chemicals needs of the process whilst simultaneously increasing the performance of all traditional and current procedures.

The clarifier is another important location where we could realise excellent results by installing of ASMP is well suited for secondary and/or advanced treatment in municipal or industrial applications to control algae.

Green and filamentous algae is coursing some major problems during the treatment process in warmers month and increase of sunlight will increase algae grows and accumulate on walls, pipes and overflow ring.

ASMP-1200 series provide a multifaceted approach to algae control in water treatment while maintaining an ecologically friendly approach. In addition, installations have shown that elements such as total suspended solids, nitrates, phosphates and chloride/chemical use will be reduced. Product Brochure


Our engineers and partners have designed our products for your individual needs and purposes. We have researched over the past decade and continue to research and develop our sonic devices with client involvement as the pinnacle driver for achievement..


The Benefits

  1. Significantly reduces time in or near the treatment equipment performing cleaning maintenance
  2. Increase treatment flows
  3. ASMP equipment can be locally programmed to suit different process applications needs
  4. Increase the effectiveness of chlorine -ozone-UV treatment and will be reduced the chlorine cost significantly.
  5. Environmentally friendly as there are no pollutants associated with this method of removing algae and filamentous weeds.
  6. Existing filamentous algae and common green algae die off. The resettlement will be minimized over short time so water clarity-quality will improve and water will be cleaner for next stage.
  7. Low power consumption 110/240 Vac and minimal maintenance required.


Waste water Application

Waste water is any water that has suffered in quality by human intervention. Often, waste water is being treated for re-use and release to rivers or for other purposes. As high levels of nutrition are available in these waters, algae may grow rapidly as well as other micro-organisms such as bacteria. Algae can compete for nutrients against the bacteria in charge of sludge reduction and can also clog complete systems. uses the newest ultrasound techniques to remove the threat of algae from waste water treatment plants and reclaimed water reservoirs.


Briefly, some of the results achieved in waste water applications using the ultrasounds systems are:

  1. Strong reduction in algae concentration (± 90% reduction of chlorophyll-a)
  2. Reduction of bio-film formation
  3. Reduction of TSS, turbidity, BOD, COD levels etc.
  4. Reduction of free bacterial counts (E. coli, Enterococci etc)
  5. Reduction of fouling and other growth on clarifier’s .Ultrasound vibrations make it more efficient for bacteria present in the sludge to obtain nutrients, and speeds up the utilization of nutrients, accelerating the degradation of organic waste and the consumption of nitrate and phosphates.
  6. Proven results shows a excellent removal of  Microcystis and  filamentous algae and conserving irrigation network system.
  7. Secondary stages effect, improvement of the gloiride US/UV/ozone performance in elimination of micro-organisms.

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