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ASMC ultrasonic anti fouling systems inhibit the growth of bio-fouling on boat hulls in a cost-effective, sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

The ASM ultrasonic device emits ultrasonic waves that are transmitted through the hull into the water.

The system produces a complex ultrasonic pattern creating and overpressure situation that bursts vacuoles in cells of algae and other organisms that adhere to the hull, thereby killing those organisms while not harming fish, marine mammals, humans or the boat’s hull.



ASM series work with nature to control nature. Bacteria and bio – films are ubiquitous needing control. The acoustic wave ruptures bacteria, bio-film and algae cells, released from these cells are highly energy free radicals on a mission to further consume bacteria and bio-film. Your vessel has double protection, a mechanical and a natural process. Bio-film growth is the first stage to establish a food source for many other marine organisms. Using natural processes to control the food source will control organic contamination.

Ultrasonic anti-fouling systems have been used world-wide for more than 20 years with no reported cases of any interference to humans, other mammals, fish or electronic devices. Recent enhancements by ASM have dramatically improved the efficacy and efficiency of such systems, with no change to this impressive safety record.



  • Environmentally friendly as there are no pollutants associated with this method of removing algae and anti-fouling.
  • It’s keeping your hulls, sea –chest clean of filamentous algae and common barnacles with minimal maintenance.
  • Completely harmless to humans, marine life and animals.
  • While the ASM system will damage adult barnacles and other fouling species it will not remove / dislodge their shells from the hull.
  • These will have to be removed by conventional means if the system is deployed onto an already fouled hull
  • Simple installation to inside of single skin hulls below the water line with effected radius of 6-8 meter -Low power consumption 110/230Vac 1.1 amp  (optional:24-32 VDC available with build inverter)
  • Transducer cable length up to 100 meter and can be placed in any dry/wet aria  due to the special salt/chemical resistance tinned flexible cable developed by Asm
  • Transducer and base ring manufacture from stainless steel grade 316 mounting by epoxy or welding to inside of hull.
  • Logic digital programmable controller to suit a range of customised settings.
  • Multiple units can be customised to suit larger sea going vessels (P.O.A)


 Bio-fouling control on 12 m fibreglass-hull motor vessel in New Zealand (ASM-V)

The Australian fanworm Ficopomatus enigmaticus is a serious fouling problem for boat owners using the upmarket Whitianga Waterways residential canal development in New Zealand.

Until 2012, when the owner of a 40ft fibreglass hull Riviera fitted an ASM V40 four transducer hull-mounted ultrasonic fouling system to his boat after cleaning, no one had been able to successfully stop this invasive species growing up to 100mm per year on their hulls

Fan worm NZ

Hull of 40’ Riviera before fanworm present
Fan worm noHull of 40’ Riviera after 12 months – NO fanworm present

Six years after installation the hull protected by the ASMP-40 remains tube worm free



New 2012

ASMP-Berth systems successfully remove 95% off fouling and Algae that grow in marinas waterways and on submerged vessels, pontoons, moorings,water pumps intakes and any underwater structures suitable up to 50 meter berths MORE

It is fundamental for a successful installation and operation of an ASM ultrasonic sonic system for the under water targeted area. Depending upon  hull size and the location how many transducers  you need.


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