ASM Objective

Or business objective is to provide simple yet robust and environmentally economical solutions to wide-ranging problems associated with the unwanted presence of bio-fouling able to significantly remove filamentous algae, bacteria, viruses in aquatic systems in an environmentally friendly way!

ASM had been designing, manufacturing and supplying OEM ultrasonic products to companies worldwide since 1996 when, in 2008, we made the strategic decision to cease supplying the OEM market. By reorganising and selling off some of or electronic/ ultrasonic product range.

The ASMP & Reactor series systems provide for a multifaceted approach to algae control in all types of water treatment while maintaining an ecologically friendly approach.

So we are able to direct resources and focus on the ultrasonic-ultraviolet products under our own brand name (ASM™) throughout a network of appointed authorised Asm distributor’s network and thereby establish ourselves directly in the international markets.

Asm commitment is to investing a significant portion of its revenue into ongoing R & D to ensure that its products and levels of support are kept to the highest standards possible to meet the expectations of our clients and the ever changing environment.

ASM’s flexible in house manufacturing capabilities enable us to design, customise, manufacture and implement all types of ultrasonic-ultraviolet products to suit current and new markets as they emerge.



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