ASM international  Ultraviolet and ultrasonic wave technology is proven to significantly remove filamentous algae, bacteria, viruses and able to reduce nitrate in an environmentally way!

ASM can help you take back control of your water without the need for harsh chemicals or toxins that are so readily available and promoted without regard of their long term environmental effects.

ASMP systems is a well established ultrasound  technology but only recently has it use been successful applied to controlling algal blooms.Ultrasound works by a phenomenon known as acoustic cavitation which occurs when sound waves travels through a liquid medium.

Industry has been slow to adopt the technology, until recently costs and technical limitations have limited its deployment in many areas. As the demands for more environmentally responsible, safer and cost-effective methods have increased so has research and development into alternative methods of bio-fouling control.

ASM has focused on the use of ultrasound to develop technologies aimed at water-treatment and bio-fouling control for a wide range of industrial, commercial, domestic and recreation applications. The company has devoted considerable effort and research to the challenge of large-scale marine fouling control and is now able to provide more cost-effective and permanent solutions to anything else on the market today.

ASM ultrasonic anti-fouling and water-treatment systems are the most powerful and technically advanced systems of their type available anywhere in the world today.
We believe the deployment of ASMP-Series ultrasonic biofouling control systems offers the best solution to the problem


ASMR  reactor systems with UV-Ultrasonic Ozone combined treatment for water disinfection treating direct contact fluids and ingredients. phosphate,ammonia,nitrate/nitrite in all types of water treatment while maintaining an ecologically friendly approach.Ultraviolet, ultrasonic and ozone technology is successfully used in these industries for disinfection removing pathogen micro-organisms.The common application for this is disinfection, but the technology is also used for TOC reduction, ozone destruction and chlorine/chloramines destruction



ASM commitment to the future.

  1. ASM  is to investing a significant portion of its revenue into ongoing R & D to ensure that its products and levels of support are kept to the highest standards possible to meet the expectations of our clients and the ever changing environment.
  2. To develop, design and manufacture our ASM systems and our flexible in house manufacturing capabilities permit us to customise all equipment to suit each client’s specific requirements.
  3. To constantly improve the products and reliable after sale product and client support


Multiple ASM installations have shown that elements such as filamentous algae and common green algae, barnicals, parasites, total suspended solids, nitrates, phosphates and Ecoli can and will be reduced when  ASM’s  technology is deployed in the aquatic system.

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